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How we work

We have developed a way of working with our customers that we find fosters effective communication, planning, and project implementation. We try to avoid surprises, disputes, and misunderstandings through careful planning, so that once the project begins, both parties know what the end product will look like, and what it will take to get there.

Depending on the services we are providing, your journey with us can be broken into five phases:

1. Initial consultation:

When you first contact us, we will set up an initial consultation to visit with you, get to know you, and discuss your ideas, needs, and desires; we like to determine whether Dihedral Builders is a good fit for you, and if you are a good fit for what we do. We will review any existing plans you may have and discuss potential improvement.

We also may have you complete a customer survey, which will help us identify specifics of the project as well as a general budget for the project. We will conclude by setting up a specific timeframe for progression to the next step.

2. Initial Proposal:

Following our initial consultation, we will generate an initial proposal, which depending on the project, will include general project and design costs, and identify a design schedule.

3. Design and Planning:

Once we have a design proposal, we will produce a preliminary design which will allow you to visualize how the finished product will look. From here we make design revisions, and as a team, we will detail all of the project specifics including all materials, allowing us to produce a true “bid” for the final proposal.

4. Construction proposal and acceptance:

Once the design is complete, and all the details are ironed out, we can provide you with a final project proposal. This proposal will include a detailed budget, schedule, and general project details. This proposal will act as the blueprint for the project from beginning to end. Any revisions required for budgetary reasons are made at this point.

5. Permitting and Construction:

Once we have an accepted proposal and all the financial matters have been addressed, we will produce construction drawings to submit for permit. We usually have a decent idea how long the permitting process will take, and we can schedule accordingly. Once the project is permitted, we can begin construction, and let you watch the magic happen!

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